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Clarity Ôme

Clarity Ôme is an online store, selling interior design, furniture & art. To launch properly their brand, they needed a visual identity. We worked with them on their logo, favicon and business card. It was an interesting project, they trusted us completely so we were able to submit them plethora of ideas. As you can see below, the logo is minimalist, the font was the important part here. Regarding the favicon, it had to be more creative, since they wanted to be able to use it as secondary logo if needed. We used the same font, in order to create a complementarity between the logo & the favicon, and ease the brand recognition.
On the business card, the main element was the website. You will find the URL on both side ; slightly brought out by a color game between the logo and the favicon - allowing their clients to appreciate the success of the complimentarity between the two supports & notice their presence online way much easier by getting to know first their signature.

Turning data facts into human truths

The visual identity was the first part of our job for Clarity Ôme. Then we moved forward by giving them awareness, with the help of digital advertising. We started by managing their digital advertising campaign and budgets. We scheduled different kinds of advertising such as Seach Engine (SEM) ads, Display ads, and Social Media ads. This digital advertising presence helped to consolidate organic traffic (SEO) on their website for their opening, and improved the traffic on their online store.
Marketing analysis and digital marketing consulting is also one of our strong suits. Furthermore, we’re working on the content and their directive line on their social media.